Tricksy Buttons E​.​P

by The Pristines



released February 20, 2014



all rights reserved


The Pristines coventry, UK

The Pristines,Coventry, England.
Indie lo-fi guitar pop with psychedelic shoegaze (gazedelia)
Have released singles & albums in the early 90s most notably on Sunday Records (US)
Self-released 3 albums in the 2000s before returning to labels with singles for Cloudberry (US) and Edition-59 (Ger), and an album for Series Two (US).
Recently collaborated with Japanese shoegazer Hideka for "Mayflower"
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Track Name: Tricksy Buttons
I’m over the worst but still won’t play
(She) Knows what to do to make me stay
If I was the religious kind I’d pray
She won’t take her tricksy buttons away

She said you ought to change your game
But I never said the things you claim
If I was the religious kind I’d pray
But Tricksy takes it all the same

Hush, quietly
Touching, silently
Pressing, carelessly
The buttons of Tricksy

She keeps on pushing those tricksy
She knows how to tricksy
She keeps pushing those tricksy
She knows how to tricksy
Track Name: That Girl's In Love With You (New Year's Eve version)
That girl’s in love with you
So be careful what you do
Don’t break her heart
Or you’ll have, me to answer to.
That girl’s in love with you
I’d gladly swap with you
But it’s not me that she wants
She’s only wanting you.

Please don’t hurt her she breaks easily
And I’ll be here to pick up the pieces
And I always will.
But every time she gets hurt
I hurt too
And (it seems) there’s nothing I can do
I can do.

I went and messed it up
I went and said too much
I thought it better to confess
But I just increased the mess
And now the friendship ends
And never going to mend
I let her down when she needed me
I let her down so stupidly


That girl’s in love with you (repeat)