A Merry Pristmas E​.​P.

by The Pristines



released November 19, 2011



all rights reserved


The Pristines coventry, UK

The Pristines,Coventry, England.
Indie lo-fi guitar pop with psychedelic shoegaze (gazedelia)
Have released singles & albums in the early 90s most notably on Sunday Records (US)
Self-released 3 albums in the 2000s before returning to labels with singles for Cloudberry (US) and Edition-59 (Ger), and an album for Series Two (US).
Recently collaborated with Japanese shoegazer Hideka for "Mayflower"
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Track Name: This Xmas Thing's Alright
I said “Do you think you love me?”
She said “Perhaps that I might”
“And look the snow is falling”
And though the subject was changed,
It didn’t spoil a fine night.
Can we delay the morning?
You moved in closer to me,
A smile in gas-fired glow.
The fake embers yawning.
And we laughed at ourselves
And watched the Christmas Eve shows
With the day not dawning

And this Christmas thing’s alright
On this dark and snowy night
I won’t be waiting by the phone
It’s not a Christmas on my own
This Christmas thing’s alright
I even like it more tonight
I won’t be waiting by the phone
This Christmas I won’t be alone.

When we kissed a goodnight,
Reluctantly I walk home
With that snow falling.
And the cold stings my face
But I really don’t know.
I think of Christmas morning.
I look up at the sky
Clouds turn the stormy dark, gold.
Fanfares for Christmas dawning.
And I had to admit
It was a story untold.
Of White Christmas forming.

(Chorus) as above

And I’m singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
When it occurs to me.
Perhaps I might actually like Christmas
More than I think.
Or is it the drink?
I shudder to think.

(Chorus) as above
Track Name: Because It's Christmas
Waiting for the phone
On a Christmas Eve.
Can’t spend it on my own.
I think here comes the freeze.
And I've got this feeling.
It'll be a better one.
But all my friends have gone,
Home to their families.
I turn the TV on to see the festive fun.
It looks like everyone
has got someone to love.. love.

Maybe this year they'll see.
It'll all work out for me.
Maybe next year they'll see.
Some kind of better me.
So Happy Christmas all.
No matter where you are.
And Jesus loves us all.
Yeah, Jesus loves us all.
So Happy Xmas let's forget all this mess.
It can't take the hurt away,
But I'll try to make it less..make it less.

Did I tell you ? That I love you ?
I wrote this song for you.
Because it's Christmas.
Let's have a drink tonight.
Lay rest to hate & spite.
Put your arms round me.
It's Christmas.