Keep Passing The Open Windows

by The Pristines



released October 1, 2010



all rights reserved


The Pristines coventry, UK

The Pristines,Coventry, England.
Indie lo-fi guitar pop with psychedelic shoegaze (gazedelia)
Have released singles & albums in the early 90s most notably on Sunday Records (US)
Self-released 3 albums in the 2000s before returning to labels with singles for Cloudberry (US) and Edition-59 (Ger), and an album for Series Two (US).
Recently collaborated with Japanese shoegazer Hideka for "Mayflower"
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Track Name: Lusty (little b*std mix)
Throwaway songs soon forgotten,
they mean nothing.
They're only words dear.
And I told you.
Didn't I tell you ?
Well, I'm sorry but you never listened.
And how are you ?
Do you mean that ?
Quite a mess, thanks.
I'm mentally ill.

And everybody makes me lusty
Everybody... lusty. (x2)
La lala la lala la.

So what happened ?
Where did you go ?
Conversation's cheap & nasty.
What do you like ?
What do you know ?
I'm not listening,
I don't care that much.
What it must be.
Are you lusty ?
Do you trust me ?
No, I don't either.

And everybody makes me lusty
Everybody... lusty. (x2)
And everybody call me lusty
Everybody... lusty. (x2)
La lala la lala la.
Track Name: Second Pick Twice Not Out
I can’t send you happiness
When I can’t find you health
Won’t promise you tomorrow’s
I can’t burden you with wealth.

As the whirlpool sucks you into him
It’s spitting me straight out
I can’t swim against the pull of her
And it keeps on hurting – reaching out

Keeps on hurting reaching out.

Did I let myself believe again?
Why do I do I that?
She shakes her head & laughs at me
Too often I’ve seen that

And I think that he’s a loser
But to him I’m losing out
So what does that make me then, dear?
I’m a second pick, twice not out

I’m a second pick, twice not out

I’m a second pick, twice struck out
Track Name: Doesn't Even Matter
If I leave a last letter
It doesn’t really matter
If I leave here tonight
It never really mattered
I’m sorry if you’re sad
But to you I never mattered
But don’t feel guilty
There’s only me to blame

If I told her I loved her
It doesn’t really matter
I know she can’t love me
And to her it never mattered
I’m not being spiteful
Or laying shame upon you
But I can’t go on pretending
That I can carry on without you

I can’t pretend that I’m alright though
With the way that time has changed us
If I never said things
If I never did things
I’d never be able to tell the truth
To you.

But I’d like to thank you
For when you made me matter
You were always there for me
When I got broken up and shattered
But you can’t mend me this time
Too many pieces to even bother
I’m sorry it’s this way
I never meant it to

I can’t pretend that I’m alright now
With the way time has changed for me
I never really said things
I never really did things
I was never able to tell you
All I had to
Track Name: It's My Problem
It doesn't mean a lot,
If it's not all that you've got.
But, I've got nothing.
If I look too deep inside,
I've nowhere left to hide.
And I'm not laughing.
She said "Everybody knows
you take it up the nose."
Is it really so unfair ?
To want someone to care ?
Really ?

It's my problem. (I know)
It's not a problem.

It's quiet now & cold.
This must be getting old.
It scares me.
And I pick up the phone,
To check it's got a tone.
It never rings, see.
She said "Everybody knows
you take it up the nose."
She thinks it's funny.
But not asking me to stop,
That really hurt a lot.
Why didn't you help me ?
Track Name: Pharmacy
And I don't know where I'm going now.
It must make sense somehow.
But I'm not quire sure how.

Well, don't tell me what she's like.
As if it makes alright.
I somehow see it might.

(CHORUS) And I, don't know where I'm going.
And I, don't feel like knowing.

Can't expect her round again.
If this is her only friend.
It's something I can't extend.

If he's made her all his own.
If I pick up the phone.
I won't find her alone.

If she talks of him tonight.
Are you sure you feel alright ?
'Cos I don't feel too nice.

What do you think I have to do ?
Do you think she still loves you ?
I think she wants to.
Track Name: We Let You Joke
All the sleep floats round
Just out of reach
Trying to catch some
And get some release
Snubbing his nose
Reach for his coat tails
Everything I try
He knows I fail
He knows I fail.

So lets make a dream
And live it twice
So when it breaks
It’s only half as nice
And I listen to
Of us losing hope
So many words
That I hope I choke
I hope I choke

It’s puzzling
This state I’m in (state I’m in)
I’m worrying
And I’m getting thin (I’m getting thin)
It’s wearing thin.

They don’t believe
What you’re going through
So when you leave
It wasn’t true
You lost some life
When you lost your float
You always said
And we let you joke
We let you joke
Track Name: I Only Ever Did It For You
And when I start to choke,
She must be moving too close.
I can't control my mouth.
What was I talking about ?
But, what can I do ?
But, what can I do ?
It's never me - it's you.
It wasn't me - it was you.
I only ever did it for you. x4
For you.

Said I was feeling fine.
Well, sometimes you have to lie.
But since I stopped the lines.
It probably saved my life.
I wouldn't lie to you.
I could have died for you.
I wouldn't lie to you.
I nearly died for you.
I only ever did it for you. x4
For you.
Track Name: Bruising
Don't need her around me
I think that I've found me.
The feeling astounds me
Unhappy without me ?

If she's coming here I'm moving on.
If she's coming here I'm going.

Pretend to not see her
Not showing my fear.
But can't live without her
She knows that I doubt her.

If she comes in here with someone.
If she comes in here I'm moving on.

And I, I find it hard.
And I, I find I'm losing.
And I, I find I can't
And I, I find it bruising.

But can't shake this fear
Don't tell her I need her.
And I never said this
Still missing her soft kiss.

If she comes in here I can take it.
If she comes in here I can't take it.
Track Name: Getting Used To It
So another chapter ends
She closed the book on me
Said we’d still be friends
But I doubt it.

She wants to start anew
She wants to forget
The past that includes me
Is not her future.

They say if you change your friends
You change your luck with them
If this is where it ends
It’s been a good time.

There’s nothing I can do
If she does not feel it
If that’s the way it is
Then that’s the way it is.

And I’m getting used to this
I’m getting used to it.

She knows me all too well
I can’t surprise her
I’m like an open book
She’s already read me

I never wanted to
Pressurise her
Reflection brings the pain
When rejection is the truth

And I’m getting used to this
I’m getting used to it
Track Name: Bless You
You may be beautiful but you're not blessed.
I think you're maybe far too self obsessed.
Bless you.
You completely.

I have to listen when you talk about you.
You, you - it's always, and it's always you.
Bless you.
You completely.

You glamorous, elegant fool.
Me, endlessly chasing the likes of you.
Bless you.
You complete me.
Track Name: Insignificant Other
What did I do to finish last?
I said too much when he acted fast
Should I cut my throat to spite her face?
I hate my hair and I’m a disgrace.

There’s nothing worse than only friends
You know where that ends in the end
“I think of you just like a brother”
She may as well say “insignificant other”

I’m her insignificant other

And I can see me through her eyes
An unwanted consolation prize
It’s just another choice to choose
When I lost my beard I lost my muse.

Too good a friend for her to lose
For her to never want to choose
She says I’m just like a brother
I’m her insignificant other.

I’m her insignificant other

My hopes and dreams will never come true
But my worst case scenarios always do.
Our hopes and dreams may never pull through
Worst case scenarios always do.

When you’re an insignificant other
I’m her insignificant other
Track Name: What You've Finished Hoping For
When you speak
I can’t follow
What you mean
And I’m floored.
And your words
Seem so hollow
I can’t care

Time to leave
Without sorrow
And I smile
You have to
Pick a dream
For tomorrow
And one day
It comes through.

When it all comes down to it
Can you let it go?
What you’ve finished hoping for
And there’s nowhere left to go.