Get Caught In Showtime

by The Pristines



Re-release of the 2000 album from the Pristines' self-produced CD


released March 1, 2000



all rights reserved


The Pristines coventry, UK

The Pristines,Coventry, England.
Indie lo-fi guitar pop with psychedelic shoegaze (gazedelia)
Have released singles & albums in the early 90s most notably on Sunday Records (US)
Self-released 3 albums in the 2000s before returning to labels with singles for Cloudberry (US) and Edition-59 (Ger), and an album for Series Two (US).
Recently collaborated with Japanese shoegazer Hideka for "Mayflower"
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Track Name: Ruthy Can't Wink
And somewhere, there's that girl.
Lifts her eyelids to the world.
When she sleeps, the magic's held.
Within the beauty of her pearls.
And she dreamed of some waters blue.
Beneath her lashes - I dive into.
But there's something she cannot tell
In perfection, direction, that makes her swell.

And she, she turned to me.
She said, Ruthy can't wink.
And I, as I go to speak.
I think of Ruthy, who can't wink.
Track Name: The Shooting Star
It's getting colder,
The night is dark & clear,
I'm nowhere,
But it's beautiful.

I can no longer tell her.
What she wants to hear.
I'm calm, and it's beautiful.

I have to go now.
It must have been a sign.
I saw a shooting star.
And I believe in.
It has to be a sign.
I saw a shooting star. (I swear).

I don't know where to go.
And I can't explain.

Track Name: Feeling Stranger
Lately I've been fine.
I think it's about time.
The mess I made is mine.
No, really I've been fine.
Been cleaning myself up.
Hell, I've nearly given up.
But, perhaps not quite enough.

Lately I've been fine.
I've nearly cleared my mind.
So, I'll speak it too in time.
No, really I've been fine.
I think the time to talk is right.
The time to talk is right.
But she cannot spare me time.

Feeling stranger.
Feel in danger.
It's not that you would care.

Why am I telling this ?
This is an arrogant amiss.
To expect you to care less.
As if it mattered anyway.
And anything I say.
As if it mattered anyway.
You're bored by all I say.

Track Name: Text, Full-Stop
Kiss of her, I won't share.
Flicking through her flame red hair.
The fat boy in the corner sings,
Of mortgage plans & engagement rings.
Kiss of me, I don't understand.
Pull the nails out of my hands.
Find herself new pictures to paint.
I never was the uncertain saint.

Text, comma, full-stop. x4
I won't know how to tell you -
so write your own.
I won't know how to tell you.
Text, comma, full-stop.

French cigarettes and English tea.
Girl over there looks half like me.
Lifting lines and making plans.
Not speaking like the fortune bands.
And these things I do, I won't no more.
If I lie to you - that's what I'm for.
Corner tables, empty pints.
Half-written songs on Marlboro Lights.


(outro) Write your own.
Then leave us alone.
Forget and try the words.
It only makes them worse.
Track Name: Showtime
I can't rely on
Such accompaniment as you
Sneaking around him
I'm tired of waiting in for you
I'm half divided, scared/excited
But, I can't run away from you
Showtime's half divided, scared/excited
And I can't tell a thing to you.

I'm tired of lying
To spend a little time with you
When I can't call you
In case your man answers for you
Get caught deceiving, not believing
I could ever forfeit you
Get caught deceiving, not believing
There's another plan for you.

Get caught in showtime
Have to detach myself from this
If I could have her
Where's the fun without the risk?
And I take the trouble, split the couple
Smile politely, blow a kiss
If I burst a bubble, single a double
Smile politely, blow a kiss.
Track Name: Sea Horse (Hideka re-master)
And I , I love to drown
Swimming now - Sea Horse.
You, you laugh out loud
when you pull me down - Sea Horse.

And you, with your clever frown.
You can't put me down - I'm a Sea Horse.
And I don't know what you're wanting now.
You can leave me now - Sea Horse.


And here, another similie
(the melody) haunts my reverie - Sea Horse.
And lost in some imagery,
is some part of me - my Sea Horse.
Track Name: If She's A Dream
Crystal colours flying by
My eyes revolving in her eyes.
She can bring me rainbowed skies.

All these things in her I see
A glowing light where I could be.
She's so bright please shield me.

If she's a dream.

Each cloud that passes looks like you.
A simple smile, she smiles like you.
If she's a dream then let me sleep.

Bring me sunshine when she calls
If she's a drug I crave her more
If she's a dream then let me sleep.

If she's a dream.
Track Name: Deecy Gee
And I want you to be,
So proud, so proud of me.
And I need you to see,
What I believe.

(CHORUS) And it's eating away,
Eating away from me.

And now I'm quite sure.
Perhaps?, no-one, not anymore.
I've no reason to be.
When I've failed, I've failed in everything.

(CHORUS) And it's eating away,
Eating away from me.
I'm drifting away.
Drifting away from me.
I'm losing my way.
Losing my way from it.
Track Name: Paris, 1972 (In the White Room)
In the White Room.

When we perform, it's the White Room
And you don't see me.
You never show an interest,
You never do.
And, I had a dream of the White Room.
It was 1972.
You loved us then,
But, we're forgotten icons now.

I can take this
I can take it
I can take this
I can take it
Really, I can...

She's the White Room.

And now it's you in the White Room.
You don't remember me.
Watching you perform,
It's as if you..
You've never heard of me.
You don't know me.
And fame means nothing now.
This all means nothing now.

I can take this
I can take it
I can take this
I can take it
Really, I can...

Someone help me.
Track Name: Following
I can't find that truth.
Well I've got better things to do.
Don't want to talk or touch.
My mouth just hurts too much.

I think that I don't want to know.
Why you, always seem so slow.
It's just, you have your reasons I guess.
But I, just understand them less.

I understand you less.