Coping: Not Coping

by The Pristines



Special 10 year anniversary re-release of rare self-produced 17-track album from 2005


released July 1, 2005



all rights reserved


The Pristines coventry, UK

The Pristines,Coventry, England.
Indie lo-fi guitar pop with psychedelic shoegaze (gazedelia)
Have released singles & albums in the early 90s most notably on Sunday Records (US)
Self-released 3 albums in the 2000s before returning to labels with singles for Cloudberry (US) and Edition-59 (Ger), and an album for Series Two (US).
Recently collaborated with Japanese shoegazer Hideka for "Mayflower"
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Track Name: Stafford Prison Gates
And rain falls on pram roofs
As they queue at Stafford Prison Gates.
Lick spittle on tissue
And wash the dirt from a grubby face.
With 1 kid, 2 kids, 3 kids
More kids on the way.
1 kid, more kids
And their Social Workers to take them away.
Away, away
From their..

Young offenders.
Young male offenders.

Skinny roll-ups fill green Rizla.
Brush the ash from tattoo skin.
Can't tell you when it started
She's not quite sure where she should begin.
With 1 kid, 2 kids, 3 kids
Fourth kid on the way.
My kid, his kid
Well that's what she tells him anyway.
Today, today , anyway
He's her ..

Young offender.
Young male offender.
Track Name: Betswy Song (Coming Home)
I cannot but help
Feeling left out
Feeling left out

Where is the one?
To sort me out?
Nowhere I doubt

Coming home
It’s not easy to do
When I’m away I don’t have to
Think about it
Or talk about it
I can be

Heavens above
What was I thinking of?
Did I say “love”?

She’s not the one
Oh, what have I done?
What have I done?

(chorus – as above)

She, she can see
Through everything
And right through me

I’m a selfish fool
I’m sorry too
I don’t deserve you

(chorus – as above)
Track Name: That Girl's In Love With You (electric)
That girl’s in love with you
So be careful what you do
Don’t break her heart
Or you’ll have, me to answer to.
That girl’s in love with you
I’d gladly swap with you
But it’s not me that she wants
She’s only wanting you.

Please don’t hurt her she breaks easily
And I’ll be here to pick up the pieces
And I always will.
But every time she gets hurt
I hurt too
And (it seems) there’s nothing I can do
I can do.

I went and messed it up
I went and said too much
I thought it better to confess
But I just increased the mess
And now the friendship ends
And never going to mend
I let her down when she needed me
I let her down so stupidly


That girl’s in love with you (repeat)
Track Name: Just Two Days Gone
He thinks he’s fallen
In love with someone
He’s written 2 songs
In consecutive days
He didn’t think this would happen
But it has
He didn’t want this to happen
Not again.

Because they can’t be together (ooh-ooh)
Not never, forever
She’s already with someone
And he is her loved one.

He feels empty & hollow
So quiet today
Sitting at home with sorrow
While she is away
She’s something so special
He wouldn’t change a thing
Well maybe just something
That she was with him.

Track Name: It's Come To This
It’s come to this
Not even talking
It’s come to this
Not talking anymore
I don’t believe
That you no longer need me (around)
But now I know
Where I’m not welcome anymore
Not welcome anymore.

What happened there?
What happened to the friendship?
There was a time
I’d trust you with my life
You turn away
Is that what you think of me (now)?
Am I such a state
To embarrass you this way?
Embarrass you this way.
Track Name: My Little Eye
And she said
It’s alright, honey
To be alone with me tonight.
We fight
You’re so right
And sometimes I’m not really nice
I know that too
I need you.

Don’t leave me here
Alone with me to think
Don’t leave me
Here to think.

Here it comes
All my thoughts here
I haven’t written for so long
What went wrong?
I’ve no need
There’s really nothing here to see
And that’s me
Leave me be.

Don’t let them see me
I really must look a state
Don’t let them see me
In this way.
Track Name: I Just Stood Around
I can’t shake this ill in me
When it doesn’t want to leave
I can’t fight it
I bite my tongue
Then the evil tongue, it bites me
It will always be her
It will always forever be her

And I’m okay
It’s okay
Until I fall over...

She never let me down
I just stood around

It’s you, it’s always you
It’s always been you
And I’m okay
It’s okay
Until I fall over...

(chorus) to fade
Track Name: Gram Parsons' World
She sings of the sweetest things
Summer lawns & hickory winds
These things can only touch your life.
It’s just a different world
Sprung from the words of an imaginary girl
And one day I could change your mind.

In Gram Parsons’ world
There’s always a girl
There’s always a song to sing.
In Gram Parsons’ mind
The drugs will make it fine
There will be a place for him.

With the hopes that she chooses to be
To reflect their projections back at me
Do you really think I could be like him?
Cos you won’t find no Joshua Tree
and Country Music’s not an entity
Nothing chooses nothing, chooses him.

In Gram Parsons’ world
There’s always a girl
There’s always a song to sing.
In Gram Parsons’ mind
The drugs will pass the time
They don’t mean a thing to him
We don’t mean a thing to him.
Track Name: Angels & Devils On My Shoulder
Look at you! Here on your own
You’ll never be well
You’re going to be like this forever, forever!
Look at you!
Nobody’s called
Nobody cares
You’re going to be alone forever, forever!

It can only get better
If you see it through
You have to stay positive and LOVE life.
You’ll have a better time
If you stick it through
Believe your friends if they miss you.
You only get ONE chance, ONE life, ONE mind
Don’t waste a single day

(chorus) as above

And there’s people who are worse
That never complain
Nobody likes a big mouth moaner.
Just look at the world
It’s a beautiful place
Criminal to waste a moment.
There’s always tomorrow
Write off today
If the day you’re having’s a bad one.
Learn to be loved
And learn to be saved
There won’t be another one.
Track Name: Here My Obsession Ends
She looks cool
Looks through me like a swimming pool
If somebody dropped her
Better get me a doctor

When she’s talking
Eyes are walking
Get caught stalking

What she sends..
Here my obsession ends

Do you feel used?
Do you feel true?
Track Name: Johnny Cash
And I build myself a dream
So I can watch it burn
It’s the hardest thing to do
And sometimes I never learn.

I could, could you?
Could you choose?
..but you never helped at all.

And everybody leaves
They get tired of what I am
And if I choose to go
Remember me as a different man.

(chorus) as above
Track Name: For Sorry Days
When I’m feeling down
I pick up this tune to play
The song I wrote
For sorry days.

You can share it too
I wrote this song for all of you
You’ll thank me
For sorry days.

I didn’t mean a thing
And if I never choose to sing
I never did anything more true.
I didn’t mean a thing
And if I never choose to sing
I always did
Everything for you.

So when you’re feeling down
I can’t bring a bottle round
I drink these words
For sorry days.

Don’t worry you’re not alone
You won’t go through this on your own
We’ll be here through all your sorry days.

Track Name: Wise Up
It can’t get better until you make it
It won’t get better until you make it
If you can’t, what can you?
If you can’t, what can you do?

It’s not gonna stop x3
Until you wise up

So give in.

If it’s hurting, it’s working
If it’s hurting, it’s worth it
Here comes the light
After the dark
Here comes the light
Here comes the dark.

Track Name: I'm Not Stupid, But..
Everything just seems to be
The same as yesterday
Fear & loathing in lost terrace house
I don’t think I like it that much now
Do the readers care though?

I never wanted to
Paraphrase you
But everything you do
Is so predictable
And I’m not stupid, but
I’m not stupid
But you make me feel so

Every time I try to write
It’s something I can’t say
Maybe it will always be so
I can’t hide myself forever now
She’ll have to see soon

Track Name: The Shadow Trees
Found a boy
In a Brazilian slum town
With the strangest sense of self.
The power he had
In frightening amount
Of good & evil in equal.
He scared the town
He scared the church
They prayed for him.
And for themselves
And spread the word
Here is the Second Coming.

It’s just like
The Shadow Trees

It’s just like the Shadow Trees
In Galilea.
Two trees cast the same shadow
Good & Evil in equal.
Two trees
One shadow
Good & evil together.
Just like the boy
The Second Coming
Good & Evil in equal part.

It’s just like
The Shadow Trees
Track Name: Coping
I think I’m just about coping these days
I’ve taken a step back safety from the edge.
But it’s not too far
And it won’t take much
For me to topple over again.

I wish it could be like the film Open Your Eyes
And I could exist in a dream of reality made for me.
And you can wake me up when
You can make me well
And I can live a life instead of coping.

What do you think? (Well, he’s still here)
Oh well, at least I’m coping.
What can you say? (You’re looking well)
Why lie? I hope I’m coping
Why lie? I hope I’m coping
You know I’m only coping.
Track Name: Fitting In
Found another liar
Watching me
Sees the point in trying
To each his own
But all alone

She likes the look of others
Doesn’t bother me
Like you think
My eyes betray the liar
I still believe
But not in me


No longer fitting into people’s lives
Just gets easier
(I don’t want to be alone)